Best Reddit Communities for Cat Lovers

Pinterest and Instagram are great places to see adorable cat pictures, but another great social media site for kitty content is none other than Reddit.

cat pictures on reddit

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If you’re familiar with Reddit, you know it’s not necessarily one of the happiest corners of the internet. Self-dubbed “the front page of the internet”, you can find just about anything on there, along with a community of people who are interested in whatever given topic. There are some main rules for Reddit itself and then each community is moderated with its own additional rules/expectations.

best cat communities

So even though there are some rather dark Reddit Communities, there are also a lot of really happy ones with great content. Including, Reddit Communities devoted to cats!

Since I love oohing and ahhing over adorable cats, I spend a fair bit of internet scrolling time on cat communities – enjoying all of the cuteness!

To save you time from searching through the corners of the internet for great cat content, here are my top 10 favourite cat Reddit Communities:


aww reddit

Now as a disclaimer, r/aww isn’t exclusively cat content. Instead it is full of pictures, videos and memes that just make people stop and say aww. Naturally, since it is all about cuteness, there is a whole lot of cat content to enjoy!  Check it out here.

r/cat bellies

happy cats

Yup, this is an actual community dedicated to kitty bellies! Who doesn’t love a belly full of fluff? When a cat shows off her belly, it usually means she’s happy and comfortable, so this content is extra wholesome!  Check it out here.


pictures of cats in costumes

Is there anything that brings a smile to your face quicker than seeing a cat dressed up? Many kitties in this Reddit community actually enjoy wearing clothes and happily strut their stuff! Some, don’t like it as much and their pictures certainly show that.  Check it out here.


happy cat pictures

Oh kitty paws – how utterly adorable art thou! r/curledfeetsies is filled of pictures of kitties with their little feetsies curled up in front of them. While there are occasional pictures of other animals with curled feetsies, the vast majority of content is cat based.  Check it out here.


newborn kitten pictures

The cuteness in this Reddit is simply criminal! This corner of Reddit is one of my favourite to frequent as it is full of itty bitty kitties being tiny and adorable! If you love kittens, especially when they’re small, then this is definitely the Reddit sub for you!  Check it out here.


surprised cats

Filled with videos and gifs of cats being startled by everything from noises to shadows to pieces of paper on the ground, this Cat Community will make people smirk at the very least (though don’t be surprised if you actually LOL for real)!  Check it out here.


cats that have stuff on them

There are moments where cats are the epitome of indifference, and r/StuffOnCats captures those moments. This Community has content which is literally cats with stuff on them. It is amazing to see how patient (or indifferent, or maybe even lazy…) many of the cats in this Reddit are!  Check it out here.


small kitten pictures reddit

Cats love small places and when they’re tiny, they are quite happy to curl up in people’s pockets. r/PocketPussy is dedicated to pictures of itty bitty kitties peeking out of people’s pockets!  Get ready to say “awwwwwwww”!  Check it out here.


cat pictures on reddit
This should come as no surprise, but r/cats is a great Community for people who love cats! Filled with cat content, this Reddit Community will delight you with all the photos, memes and gifts of cats!  Check it out here.


cute kitten pictures

If there’s an r/Cats, then obviously there’s going to be an r/kittens! This is your go-to community for itty bitty kitty content! Definitely a spot to check out each day to make your heart smile!  Check it out here.





Now that you’ve got a list of the best cat communities, start checking out that adorable cat content over on Reddit now!