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So, you were out and about and then you saw that pufrr-fect little ball of fur.

Big wide eyes peered up at you, from a little ball of fluff and then a teeny-tiny paw reached out and your heart grew 5 sizes.

You fell in love and knew that you and that little kitten were meant to be.  You had a connection and knew that you and that little ball of fur would bring each other infinite love.

The next thing you know, “I’ll take her” comes out of your mouth as you scoop up your new fur baby.

Love in your eyes and your heart brimming with happiness, you suddenly realize, you have no idea how to take care of a kitten and introduce it to your home.

Have no fear!  Bringing Home Kitten is here!

Written by a cat lover with 5 cat babies of her own, who has helped dozens of kittens transition to new homes, Bringing Home Kitten is a helpful guide, filled with tips, tricks and strategies to help you and your new kitten adjust to each other and your new living arrangement, with only tears of joy!

This guide provides information about:
– Setting up a kitten friendly space
– Safety considerations for your new kitten
– Poisonous plants
– Feeding your kitten
– Transporting your kitten
– Introducing your kitten to young children, cats and dogs
– The transition period

Getting a new kitten is an exciting time!  No doubt, you want your cat’s transition to her new home to go as smoothly as possible and this guide will help you along the way.  

Make your new kitten’s transition to your home as smooth as possible, with this informative guide!